The Safina Family

Brothers Giuseppe (Joe), David, Sal Safina, and their father, Giovanni Safina, are excited to welcome you with open arms to their newest family-owned & operated restaurant, Safina.

Growing up in the Italian restaurant business, the brothers have mastered recipes and traditions from their father, Giovanni, who grew up in a small village in Sicily, Italy, and migrated to America at age 23. The Safina family has been serving in the Milwaukee area for decades and is famous for their pristine cooking skills. Their passion for serving customers and seeing people enjoy their family’s delectable recipes speak for themselves.

The Safina family has a remarkable ability to cultivate a comfortable, casual, and fun atmosphere around a traditional Italian meal, here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


The three main ingredients an Italian family has are Love, Loyalty, and a Little Bit of Yelling


The Safina family has a long history of creating the best Italian cuisine in the Midwest. Giovanni Safina first moved to the United States from a small village in Sicily, Italy, when he was 23.

Coming from a family of Italian cooks, Giovanni knew he wanted to open his own restaurant to bring his Italian roots (and precious olive oil) to the States. Giovanni became a legend within the restaurant business quickly and has remained one of the best Italian cooks for over 40 years.

His three sons, Sal, Joe, and David grew up working for their father and mother, mastering the traditional family recipes, which then inspired them to start their own restaurant, which is now Safina. Some of the family’s most popular dishes include calamari fritti, bolognese al forno, and Giovanni’s Original parmesan eggplant.


The Safina family has been producing olive oil for over 4 generations on family land in Trapani, Sicily. Along with the cooperation of other local families, farmers, and producers, Basirico Pietro, Safina provides Milwaukee with a taste of Trapani. Safina olive oil is made with three distinct olives of this region, which are: Biancolilla, Nocellara, and Cerasuola.

Our olive oil is cold pressed, unfiltered for the highest quality in flavor and health benefits.


Safina is located at 785 N. Jefferson St., just steps away from the iconic Cathedral Square Park in downtown Milwaukee (home to Jazz in the Park & Bastille days).

Constructed in 1858, the historic William A. Webber House , was constructed for residential use. This treasured Greek Revival Style building has been a focal point on Jefferson Street for years, consistently catering to groups for sunset drinks with a superior atmosphere. However, in recent years, the space has gone unused and in desperate need of a facelift.

The Safina family is ecstatic to fully restore both levels of the William A. Webber House and share the space with diners beginning in October 2022. If you find yourself eager for an after-dinner drink, we highly recommend visiting

The Sofie (owned and operated by Sal Safina), just steps away.